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The Track Line is the solution for drivers that want a dual purpose car. This is the solution for performance cars that are often used on track and also used for daily commuting.

This coil-over system is equipped with our adjustable Motorsport mono-ball/camber top mounts and Eibach Racing springs, selected from a range of spring rates.

This is a no-compromise performance upgrade for your car which offers unparalleled levels of grip, control and adjustability. This will give you the confidence to push your car to its absolute limits.

The Track Line is available in semi-active Active Controlled Electronics (ACE) or (R-ACE), with our patented World’s fastest reacting damping valve or as manually adjustable One-Way or Three-Way version.




TracTive Road-Track ACE technology (Active Controlled Electronic) creates the ability to have multiple set-ups ranging from compliant for low grip situations to maximum controlled for sporting events. These settings can be available to the driver with one touch of a button and can be pre-set to 5 memory positions.
Motion of the vehicle is measured using the internal sensors of the control unit. From the motion of the vehicle, the required damping per individual corner is determined and set. The corresponding response time is 6-10ms. In this time of 6-10ms, the damper stiffness can be set fully proportional from full stiff to full soft.



R-ACE takes advantage of the full functionality of the ACE technology. On top of the TracTive ACE technology, conventional compression high- and low-speed adjusters are added. Using these compression adjusters, it’s possible to fine-tune the damper characteristics. R-ACE, as the name suggests, is best suited for race applications.
The compression adjusters can be located in remote reservoirs, piggyback reservoirs or even inline reservoirs.



TracTive One-Way dampers are based on the knowledge obtained while developing the TracTive ACE sets. One-Way dampers are build using the same high-end components as the TracTive ACE dampers. One-Way dampers are executed with 20 clicks, which will adjust both rebound and compression damping.



TracTive Three-Way dampers give the user the ability to independently adjust rebound damping, low speed compression damping and high speed compression damping.

Road product range_12.jpg

The TracTive Track line dampers come with the following specifications:

  • 43mm inverted McPherson struts where applicable

  • 38mm piston for inverted and specific rear shocks

  • 46mm piston for Multilink suspension and similar

  • 16mm spindle for maximum strength and rigidity

  • Damper made for fitment of Tractive uni-ball top mounts where applicable

  • Racing springs for selected applications with customizable spring rates

  • Steel inverted McPherson struts with adjustable 7075 aluminum mounting brackets

  • 7075 aluminum ARB where applicable

  • Adjustable top mounts on inverted McPherson struts

  • Solid top mounts for multilink applications

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