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TracTive Suspension was established on June 1st 2010. Starting a suspension company in the middle of the ‘Dutch Suspension Valley’ meant having to avoid being a dime a dozen. An unconventional approach was needed. For TracTive, this meant focussing on its speciality, electronically controlled suspension systems. Before 2010, the founders of TracTive had already been active in electronic shock absorbers in motorsport since the mid-nineties, in aftermarket shock absorbers since the 2000’s, and in BMW’s Electronic Suspension Adjustment since 2005.

Following TracTive’s founding in 2010, TracTive Suspension soon became a development partner with Tenneco Monroe, BMW, BRP Lynx, Touratech AG, Dallara, Ruf, etc., while simultaneously developing its own technology base. In 2011, TracTive patented the Dynamic Damping DDA valve, which is still THE benchmark in electronic damping control. Apart from the DDA valve, TracTive has a wide variety of electronic technologies at its command : control units, remote controls, sensors, height adjustment systems etc. Above all, TracTive’s team combines the highest level of technology with flexibility and passion. Exactly these characteristics make sure we always aim to deliver the ultimate solution for our customers: from motorsport to tuners and manufacturers, from a manually adjustable shock to a complete semi-active Plug&Play system for Automotive and Motorbike products.

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