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Our Touring line is designed and engineered to offer better performance and more comfort for road-biased cars. The Touring line is available in semi-active Active Controlled Electronics (ACE), with the patented World’s fastest reacting damping DDA valve or as a manually adjustable One-Way version. The ride-height can be adjusted for the intended use and desired looks.


The shocks are specifically engineered to utilize the original top mounts and come complete with matching Eibach springs*.


Extensive driving tests were performed to create the best product and set-up for your specific car. No compromises were made on the materials used.


You can now experience ultimate control and performance with comfort for daily use. Our touring kits are compatible with various EC systems and is the best way to upgrade your sportscar.

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TracTive ACE technology (Active Controlled Electronic) creates the ability to have a compliant, forgiving and comfortable car for daily commute while, with a push of a button, the vehicle can transform to be active and responsive for fast road use and even an occasional track day.

This change is possible due to the patented TracTive DDA Valve, which can benefit of a large damping adjustment range within milliseconds.

The vehicles movements are measured, using this information, each damper is individually controlled. Dependent on setting, this can result from a comfortable but safe set-up to a sporty and responsive set-up.



TracTive One-Way dampers are based on the knowledge obtained while developing the TracTive ACE set. One-Way dampers are build using the same high-end components as the TracTive ACE dampers. One-Way dampers are executed with 20 clicks, which will adjust both rebound and compression damping.

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